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The term “necklace” refers to a piece of jewelry worn around the neck. It is one of the earliest kinds of human jewelry, and is now used today for a variety of functions, including religious, ceremonial, and funeral. Necklaces were once thought to be worn as a status symbol. It is one of the various types of jewelry worn by the upper class in Rome. Gold, silver, and precious gemstones such as amber, pearl, amethyst, sapphire, and even diamonds were frequently used to create this piece of jewelry. 

Brief History

Back then, other precious metals, like silver and platinum, were studied by numerous producers at the time, in addition to gold. Natural materials like bones, feathers, seeds, and shells were used in prehistoric necklaces, but during the Bronze Age, these were supplanted by metallic objects. Also, ancient Near Eastern art featured the earliest necklaces, and precious metals adorned with stones made their first appearance in Europe.

Moreover, necklaces and various types of chains were worn by ancient Egyptians in a variety of fashions. The upper classes wore valuable and organic or semi-precious items as necklaces for religious, funeral, or festive causes. Semi-precious glass, earthenware, and hollow beads were used to adorn the collars. Then, gold was frequently used to carve animals, trees, and insects. Significantly, necklaces were worn by all classes in Ancient Crete. Agate, amethyst, rock crystal, carnelian, and pearl beads were worn by the poor, whereas agate, amethyst, rock crystal, carnelian, and pearl beads were worn by the wealthy.

After that, animal shapes, blue or green enameled rosettes, or fringed vase-shaped pendants became popular in Ancient Greece. Long necklaces are frequently adorned with miniature perfume vials, cameos, or engraved motifs. During the Hellenistic period, newer fashions emerged, as colored stones allowed for the creation of colorful ornaments that could be worn on necklaces and chains. 

Several kinds of jewelry, such as necklaces, plaques, chains, and pendants, were commonly worn by males during the Renaissance. Based on historical accounts, the wealthiest men wore a great number of inlaid jewels around their shoulders. On the other hand, women preferred simpler pieces of jewelry like gold and silver chains or pearl strings.

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