Sell Gold Bracelet in Las Vegas | Where to Sell Your Gold Bracelet

A gold bracelet is any ornamental chain or band that one wears around the wrist and carries gold content. Wearers adorn their bodies with a gold bracelet mainly as decorations, but it can sometimes hold sentimental value and meanings as well. Although, as ornaments, it has the capacity to serve as a holder for other items of decorations like charms and beads. They are quite easy to collect, especially since they come in various sizes and styles. If you find yourself having one too many, you can sell your gold bracelet to earn back its value in gold. And the easiest way to do this is to visit Nevada Coin Mart, home of professionals who know how much you should get for your gold bracelets. 

Sell Gold Bracelet

You can sell your gold bracelets to other individuals looking for one. However, these individuals will most likely be looking for cheap and affordable items. If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to waste your efforts, you will probably just take any offer you get. To avoid this, you can simply bring your items to Nevada Coin Mart – the best place in Las Vegas where you can sell your gold bracelets and other old jewelry or diamond rings

Where to Sell Gold Bracelet

Our team at Nevada Coin Mart is composed of members equipped with years of knowledge in gold and jewelry pieces. We also use state-of-the-art technology in analyzing items to help us assess the true composition of jewelry. Then, we use this assessment to give you the best deals for the value of your gold bracelet. If you want to know how much you can get for your gold bracelet, your best bet would be to bring it to Nevada Coin Mart today. 

Gold Bracelet Value

Typically, when you sell your gold bracelets, buyers base their offer on their weight and purity. The value of a 10k gold bracelet would most likely cost based on its gold in grams. Go to your local gold dealer or do your own research to be sure. But the easiest way to know how much you can get for your gold bracelets is to call our experts at NCM. 

Brief History

In selling gold bracelets, not many people believe this, but knowing its history can also affect its price. It was only 7000 years ago when the wearing of bracelets became common. Before that, people only wore bracelets as part of rituals or as a signifier of social status. In their studies, archeologists found strong evidence that the people of Mesopotamia, China, and Egypt were the first to wear bracelets as decorations. However, their bracelets were different from the ones in Memi. Instead, they used shells, grasses, and tree limbs to create their bracelets. 

In Egypt, during the First Dynasty, people adorned themselves with pieces of gold and silver that carried semi-precious stones. Then, in the New Kingdom, goldsmiths included inlaid designs of African gemstones into their craft. Archeologists did find numerous bracelets inside the tombs of the dead over the last 100 years. However, historians claim that these bracelets were only used for aesthetic purposes rather than part of a ritual. 

During the 17th century, women in Europe revived wearing bracelets as common fashion accessories. Jewelers could sell gold bracelets in various styles. However, the women’s typical styles during this time included several bands of thin bangles and ribbons worn on the same wrist. In the 19th century, these designs evolved into styles that serve to link medallions and cameos carrying ivory and corals. Then, women crazed over charm bracelets, dangling lockets, and engraved charms during the Victorian Era.