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Earrings are convex metals or sculpted stone girthed through a pierced earlobe’s hole. They symbolize many things relevant to rank in society and femininity. There came a time when diamond earrings became more popular among men. But with the advent of modernization, this is worn at present by men to boost fashion and style. 

The use of earrings started to transition and level up after being incorporated with several precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and diamond. Today, a diamond earring is one of the most sought-after jewelry items in the market. 

Brief History

The history of diamonds and earrings can be traced to India, where the first diamonds are believed to have originated from. The diamonds were then valued in India for their robustness, beauty, and their ability to produce a spectrum of colors through refracting light.

Other historic pieces of evidence have shown that there are wall carvings around 550-330 BCE depicting Persian men wearing earrings in Persepolis. However, earrings lost their sense and value around the 11th and 16th centuries in Europe because of the evolution of fashion where women wear hairstyles and turbans that cover the entire ear. This made earrings an unimportant and unnoticeable adornment and expense.

The 16th century was marked with a shift from head covering and high feathers to standing collars, making the ears again more visible. There have been improved techniques of cutting gems including diamonds, which have been already worn as an earring.

Then, during the outset of the 17th and 18th centuries, wealthy people have become peculiar and elaborate in wearing earrings for fashion. Girandole and pendeloque have been two of the most popular and chosen styles for earrings. Women of wealthier class always wear these styles in a set and even purchase more than one set of diamond earrings. 

In the 19th century, the shift from the grandeur of earrings from heavy and big ones to simpler and lighter ones became evident. Newer techniques in crafting diamond earrings to fit fashion have been historically revisited. After that, in the 1800s, a new hairstyle made earrings irrelevant again. But this has passed, too, and made earrings popular again.

Today, an array of choices in diamond earrings and many other gemstones is already infinitely at hand. From lustrous, up-to-date designs to a vintage aesthetic, you can find any style you want. 

Value of Diamond Earrings

There are a few things that are considered in determining the value of your diamond earrings. These include the following:


Since diamond earrings sit close to your hairline and are hidden by your hair much of the time, the color of the diamonds will not matter as much. People have primarily purchased diamonds in the H-J color range, but a colorless diamond would still have a greater effect on the value of the diamond earrings.


Like the color of the diamonds, the transparency of the diamonds will not be apparent when they are in your sight. On the other hand, a high clarity grade is preferred because a cleaner or more delicate diamond appears better from a long or close distance.


The symmetry and proportions of a diamond are affected by the way it is cut. The cut of a diamond determines how much light it absorbs, so the sparkle of a diamond is mainly due to the cut. A well-cut diamond with a wide face-up surface area can dazzle even more and is valued at a higher price.


Since diamond earrings are worn in the ears, most diamonds in them are smaller and lighter in weight. An appropriate carat weight for this will be between 1-2 carats. But the rule is still absolute that the higher the carat, the higher the value.


There are many types of diamond earrings settings. But if your diamond earrings exhibit either of the two most popular settings, then you will surely get a higher value for your item. 

  • Bezel Setting. This is the best option among the various settings available. Metal bands encircle the diamonds to keep them in place, making them more stable than the prong setting.
  • Prong Setting. This comes in either four or six prongs. The diamonds are kept in place by prongs, which allows the diamonds to sparkle and dazzle more. Prongs, however, are less safe than bezel configuration.


Diamond earrings can be made with a variety of metal bands. White gold (10k, 14k, 18k), black gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver (10k, 14k, 18k), yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and sterling silver (10k, 14k, 18k), and platinum and sterling silver. Durability is the most important aspect of these metal bands. The more robust the metal is, the more it contributes to the overall value of the diamond earring. Diamond earrings set in platinum metal bands are usually more expensive due to platinum’s durability. 

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