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Hublot watches have been around since the 1980s. Pretty young when compared to other Swiss watch brands. Just like all other luxury watch brands, Hublot holds its value really well. What it means is that you can sell your Hublot watch for some extra cash.


Sell Hublot Watch

One of the best things about Hublot watches is that they hold their value really well. So when you’re in a bit of a pinch, you can sell your Hublot watch for some quick cash. Nevada Coin Mart is the best Hublot watch buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV. We also give the best Hublot watch price when you sell them with us! We have a watch expert who will evaluate your watch’s value so rest assured that you are getting the best offers in the market.

Hublot Watch Price

Before selling your Hublot watch, you might be asking yourself how much would it sell for? Our watch experts will evaluate your watch so you know you are getting the best offer. When it comes to evaluating your watch’s value, below are the few factors that we need to consider

  • Condition
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Movement
  • Material Selection

The factors mentioned above play a huge role in determining your watch’s price. Remember, if it is in very good condition, the higher its resale price. The evaluation and estimate is free of charge whether you decide to sell your Hublot watch or not.

About Hublot

Carlo Crocco was a successor to the Italian company known for making Breil watches called Binda Group. However, in 1976, he decided to leave the company to carve out his own destiny by moving to Switzerland, where he designed watches that he called Hublot, a French word for the porthole. 

To distinguish Hublot from the other watches at that time, Crocco decided to use natural rubber straps on his watches, a first in the long history of watchmaking. It took Crocco three years of intensive research to make the rubber strap. Hublot debuted in 1980 at the Basel Watch Fair; however, the watch failed to attract customers on its first day on the market. However, despite the shaky start, Hublot quickly became a success earning a profit of $2 million in its first year.

Jean-Claude Biver is a businessman and a watchmaker from Luxembourg who took over as Hublot’s CEO in 2004. At the same time, Crocco concentrated on designing watches and handling activities for the Hand-in-Hand Foundation, a charity that helps less fortunate children globally. 

Biver immediately dove into designing a new collection, the Hublot Big Bang chronograph, which was introduced in the Baselworld exhibition in April 2005. The new collection was an instant success, and orders for the watch grew threefolds. In November 2005, the Big Bang chronograph earned multiple international awards such as the “Sports Watch Prize” at the “Watch of the Year” awards in Japan, the “2005 Design Prize” in Switzerland’s “Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix,” and the “Best Oversized Watch” in Bahrain’s Editor’s Choice “Watch of the Year.” 

Biver’s extensive experience in watchmaking and as the former president of Swatch Group’s Omega department helped immensely with Hublot’s sales. Hublot’s sales reached 24 million Swiss francs during his first year as Hublot’s CEO, and by the end of 2006, sales were almost at 100 million Swiss francs. 

Today, Hublot is one of the best choices as a timepiece for men and women of all ages. If you have one and want to sell a Hublot watch, now is a good time. Feel free to bring your Hublot piece to Nevada Coin Mart where you can get great deals. 

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