Where to Sell Tissot Watch | Tissot Watch Price Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Tissot is one of the more budget-friendly Swiss-made luxury watches available today. It also holds its value well and sells at a good price on the secondary market. So if you have a Tissot watch that you are not using anymore, why not sell it for extra cash? Sell your Tissot watch today at Nevada Coin Mart for the best prices!

Where to Sell Tissot Watch

The best place to sell Tissot watches is at Nevada Coin Mart when it comes to selling watches. Nevada Coin Mart has years of experience in dealing with buying watches. It is where you want to sell your Tissot watch. We give the best Tissot watch price in the resale market. The selling process is easy; simply come down to our store at We’re at the corner of JONES & FLAMINGO 4065 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas 89103.

Tissot Watch Price

When selling your Tissot watch, one of the things that you want to know is “how much would my watch sell for?” At Nevada Coin Mart, we will evaluate your watch to ensure you get the best prices for it. There are many ways to determine the price of your Tissot watch. And we base ours on a few factors such as: 

  • Condition
  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Movement
  • Material Selection

These factors will determine your watch’s price, especially the condition and model number. The better the condition of your watch is, the higher its resale value is, and of course, the model also plays a huge role in determining the price as some models are more expensive than others. When you bring your Tissot watch to us, we will evaluate it with no obligation to sell it.

About Tissot

Tissot SA is a Swiss watchmaker founded in 1853 by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son, Charles-Émile Tissot in Le Locle, a town in the Jura Mountains. Le Locle is a town that has a specialty in watchmaking, with half of its population specializing in the craft. Charles-Émile also helped the creation of watchmaking schools which were recognized by the Swiss state. 

Tissot watches eventually became well known outside the Swiss borders and were even favored by the Russian Czar Nicholas II Romanov. With the blessing of the Czar, Charles-Émile began to sell Tissot watches across the Russian empire. However, Tissot slowly lost sales in Russia due to the Russian revolution. But this did not stop Tissot, and the family business opened their factory, which produced all the components needed to create a watch. 

In 1930, Tissot, together with Omega, created a watchmaking association, the Société Suisse pour l’Industrie Horlogère (SSIH in short). The Tissot-Omega watches during that era are extremely popular and are highly sought after by watch collectors. Such pieces 

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