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Tiffany rings have always been associated with luxury and quality. Tiffany jeweler’s craftsmanship is truly exceptional. Jewelers craft Tiffany rings using only the highest-quality metals and gemstones, like diamonds, sapphires, and tanzanites. And these stones add to the value of Tiffany rings. Tiffany rings are also one of the most sought-after items in the secondary market, so if you own a Tiffany ring and want it out of your hands, read below to learn more about selling your Tiffany ring and its price.

Tiffany & Co Ring Price

The resale value of Tiffany rings is hugely based on the fineness of their precious metal contents and the value of the stones on them. However, the name Tiffany also has an intrinsic value. Thus, Tiffany rings are highly sought after in the secondary market. 

When you sell your Tiffany ring with us, we evaluate it and base our prices on the price of its precious metal. It is also important to consider that the price of metals like gold, silver, and platinum are volatile and change daily.

If your ring has gemstones in it, the gemstones — especially if they are diamonds are also evaluated based on their carat weight, clarity, cut, and color. Gemstones add value to the jewelry, so before you sell your Tiffany ring, make sure that you have them thoroughly checked. 

Sell Tiffany Ring

When it comes to selling Tiffany rings, Nevada Coin Mart is the best place to sell them. We are the leading buyer of jewels and other valuable stuff in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Our store provides a complimentary in-store examination of your item using a cutting-edge Thermo Scientific Nitron X-Ray Spectrometer to precisely examine the precious metal composition of your jewelry. 

Selling your Tiffany rings with Nevada Coin Mart will be the best decision you’ll ever make. We have privacy booths when you come into our store. Obviously, your safety is our top priority, so we have good security and allow clients to watch as we analyze their items.

Drop by our store and sell your Tiffany ring at Nevada Coin Mart® 4065 S. Jones Blvd Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us up at 702-998-4000. We are open 365 times a year, from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

How To Spot A Counterfeit Tiffany & Co Ring

Because Tiffany & Co. has such a wide following, selling deceiving Tiffany & Co. jewelry. Here is how to determine if a Tiffany & Co ring is real or fake:

Check the Ring’s Condition

Examine each item of Tiffany’s jewelry ring carefully. Make sure there are no misspellings or erroneous letter-to-number alignments. If the item is of poor quality, it is almost certainly a fake. The stamp should be in the center. The Return to Tiffany line of the brand is particularly prone to these mishaps.

Examine the Silver Stamping

The words “925” or “Sterling” are stamped on Tiffany’s silver set. If it is missing, it is automatically a counterfeit. It may be present in counterfeit pieces, but it will not fit the jewelry’s form. Note how the stamping on the fake ones is difficult to see or fade away, implying that they were not subjected to stringent quality control.

Look for Discolorations 

Because most Tiffany & Co. jewelry is made of solid silver, there should be no traces of tarnishing or wear. On false items, silver plating is widespread, and it can wear away after a few times of use. The exterior layer will shatter in certain circumstances, revealing the metal beneath.

Check Made in Italy Stamping

While silver is popular in Italy, Tiffany & Co. is an American jewelry manufacturer; hence none of its pieces should be tagged “Made in Italy.” If the piece bears this marking, it is almost certainly a fake.

Brief History

Tiffany & Co was not always a jewelry company; it was established in 1837 as a stationary and creative goods store under Tiffany, Young, and Ellis. With only $1,000 in their pockets, the two opened a business on Broadway. Their shop immediately attracted a devoted following of fashionable women shopping for timepieces and jewelry that featured American style. 

The company shortened its name in 1853 to Tiffany and Company after Charles Tiffany took over the company. Charles also concentrated on dealing with jewelry. The company opened multiple stores in major cities all over the world. 

Tiffany Ring

The 1837 collection was launched to commemorate the brand’s 175th anniversary. It introduced a classic ring that features exquisite lines and curves that pay homage to Tiffany’s jewelry-making history. The ring uses a rosy-colored allow of silver, copper, and gold called Rubedo.

Later on, Tiffany bought the 287.42-carat yellow diamond from the Kimberley mines in South Africa in 1878. Audrey Hepburn wore the beautiful necklace in the promotional pictures for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, featuring the 128.54-carat polished gem. After this exposure, the canary gemstone became even more popular.

Then, when Charles Tiffany died in 1902, his son, Louis Comfort Tiffany, took over the business and gave Tiffany & Co. a fresh lease on life. As a result, the Tiffany Artistic Jewelry section was created by Louis, allowing the company to produce all of its jewelry on location. 

Despite the growing trends in jewelry-making worldwide, Tiffany & Co. jewelry is still considered one of the most sought-after brands among celebrities and collectors.

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