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Designer jewelry is typically described as jewelry that follows a specific aesthetic developed by an individual craftsman or design firm. The focus is on a specific aesthetic, which often uses precious or rare materials and sometimes includes handcrafted elements. A designer jewelry collection may consist of tens to hundreds of items, all of which are variations on the same pattern, motif, or technique.

Artisan jewelers also create designer jewelry by hand. A luxury brand jewelry designer or a jewelry design company can hire a team of master model makers to create mass-production prototypes of a design that match the ever-changing fashion trends. Designer jewelry is commonly mass-produced using the same techniques as commercial jewelry.

Value of Luxury Brand Jewelry

The value of your luxury brand jewelry is determined by the following equally important criteria in the valuation process:


The brand of your jewelry significantly dictates how much value it gets in the valuation. Specifically, certain luxury brands have a higher second-hand market value than others. These brands have a higher resale value when it comes to their crafted pieces. Some of the most popular luxury brands include Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, Buccellati, and Tiffany.

Market Value

Whether a piece of jewelry is signed or unsigned determines its marketability, which affects its resale value substantially. This means that an item’s resale value would be higher if it is actually more attractive in the eyes of customers primarily due to its nature, materials, or brand.

Raw Materials

The value of a luxury brand jewelry item’s resale is also influenced by its raw materials. An appraiser will examine the precious metals and gemstones in a piece, including determining the carat weight and quality of the gemstones when evaluating their purchase. Typically, the quality and carat weight of gemstone and diamond jewelry can significantly impact the value of a piece. The purity of metals used in jewelry also adds more value to a luxury brand jewelry item.


The resale value of a piece of luxury brand jewelry increases when sold in good condition. However, if a piece of jewelry is in bad condition and will need repairs, its resale value will dramatically decline.

Box and Papers for Designer Jewelry

Generally, designer jewelry comes in a box with the designer’s papers. Collectors value a designer piece’s box and papers, so getting these pieces will help you get a higher price for your pre-owned jewelry. This is especially true for high-end timepieces. A luxury watch with its original package and papers would typically sell for a far higher price than one that does not.

Best Buyer of Luxury Brand Jewelry

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