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Jewelry made of solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and other precious metals is referred to as fine jewelry. Genuine precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires are often used in this type of jewelry. Fine jewelry is much more durable than fashion jewelry since it is made entirely of solid precious metals and precious gemstones, and it will not tarnish if properly cared for and stored. Furthermore, fine jewelry may be fixed if it becomes damaged. While fine jewelry has a higher price tag, the value and longevity of these pieces make them well worth the investment.

Value of Fine Jewelry

The value of your pre-owned fine jewelry can be affected by a number of factors. If you have any fine jewelry items that you want to sell, consider how all of these factors may affect the value of your one-of-a-kind pieces.


Certain luxury brands keep their value better in the secondary market than others. Cartier, Chanel, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels are fine jewelry brands with higher resale value. For instance, a solitaire diamond engagement ring from Tiffany & Co. would typically resell for more than an unsigned solitaire diamond engagement ring of comparable quality. Also, due to their high desirability, some collections from luxury designers can hold value better.

Market Value

If a piece of jewelry is signed or unsigned, its resale value is heavily influenced by its salability in the current market. This means that a product’s nature, materials, or brand makes it more attractive in customers’ eyes, which can give the item a higher resale value.

Raw Materials

The quality of an item’s raw materials will always affect its resale value. When evaluating their purchasing bid, an appraiser can determine a piece’s precious metals and gemstones, including the carat weight and characteristics of the gemstones. The quality and carat weight of gemstone and diamond jewelry may have a significant impact on its value.


The resale value of a jewelry item increases if it has been properly cared for. On the other hand, if a piece of jewelry is in bad condition and will need to be repaired, its resale value will drop.

Best Buyer of Fine Jewelry

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