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Chains are jewelry items described by their intertwined pieces, which are generally referred to as ties. Since they are worn around the neck, they are essentially the same as necklaces. The only significant difference is that chains do not have any of the necklace’s embellishments, such as pendants, precious stones, or beads. Gold is the most common material used to make chains these days, but other metals, such as silver, are also popular due to their affordability.

Brief History

The use of gold chains can be traced back to the earliest of civilization. They were typically used to adorn the wearer’s costume or uniform. Ancient Egyptians first began threading gold and silver to create chains around 2500 BC. They were said to be used to fend off evil and attract good fortune.

Ancient Babylonia is also credited with popularizing gold chains. Queen Puabi was discovered wearing and collecting large quantities of gold jewelry, including elaborate headdresses and belts and necklaces decorated with lapis and carnelian stones. Her chains were well-known for their perpetual loop-in-loop design, which was later adopted in the Mediterranean and Western Asia.

Despite its historical significance in high society, gold chains are now associated with Hip Hop fashion and culture. Moreover, gold chains continue to evolve in styles and designs to change consumer trends in the fashion industry.

Value of Gold Chains

There are four major factors that are considered in determining the value of your gold chains. These include the following:

Purity. Gold chains are classified according to their purity in karats. The rule is that the purer the gold in the chain is, the more it is worth to gold-buying establishments.

Hallmarks. This is another factor for measuring and ascertaining gold purity. These marks define the precious metal’s origin and fineness and certify that it has been tested properly and independently. In terms of hallmarking, the metal and fineness mark for 18-karat is 750. The norm for 14-karat gold is 585. The hallmark 375 is the 9-karat mark.

 Weight. The gram weight determines the gold content of the gold chain. Knowing the gram weight of the earrings allows you to compare the amount of gold in the item. Since 14K gold has a higher gold content than 10K gold, 14K gold chains of the same style and size would weigh more.

Spot price. The current gold market price in ounces is another equally important consideration during the valuation process of your gold chains. The spot price of gold serves as a basis for determining the worth of your item. But because of the current demand and supply of gold, its spot price is likely to change every day. To learn more, click here:

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