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Silver has been considered an important metal for jewelry-making since ancient times. It is easily embraced and accepted by all income levels, making it the most sought-after precious element to be used in several metal works. Silver, like gold, diamonds, and other finery, has a long history of prestige and desirability that spans cultures. The discovery of this gleaming commodity produced the first human-to-human international relations, bridging East and West.

Because of its antibacterial properties, silver was known to be used by voyagers since then. Consequently, it has long been associated with good health and is used in medicine and medical devices. Silver is also associated with honor and bravery, highly prized attributes in many countries. Silver has come to be revered as a valuable object as well as for its timeless beauty.

Brief History

Since the use of silver before 4000 BC, it has always been a valuable metal known to man. Its popularity has only risen steadily over time, owing to its unique ability to keep up with current fashion trends. Silver has a wide variety of applications, from film and computers to an invisible coating on thermal windows. Many countries and powers around the world have used silver as a type of currency. However, the most well-known use of silver involves jewelry-making because of its elegance and appeal. 

About 4000 BC, the first significant silver mines were discovered in Anatolia, which is now Turkey. Several cultures and even traders relied heavily on this silver reserve.  As the value of silver increased worldwide around 3000 BC, there are reports of increased attempts to mine it. Around 2500 BC, the Chinese are said to have improved silver refining to make it even more desirable, sought after, and easier to excavate.

Over time, Greek mines became the largest suppliers of silver for the rest of the world. For centuries, this went on, for Spain came to power with its silver reserves, which gave them trading power. Spain became a significant silver supplier to most of the region’s major countries, and it exchanged its silver for valuable spices and other products.

In the discovery of North America and South America, the global demand for silver skyrocketed. Mexico and Peru were discovered to have silver mines that outweighed the recently mined silver deposits to the east. Peru and Mexico were soon said to produce more than three-quarters of the world’s silver.

With new technologies came new ways to mine silver and new refining processes to increase its value in both uses and beauty. Mexico and Peru continue to produce the greatest amount of silver in the world today. Australia is a distant third producer of silver. Mexico is said to make up one-fifth of all silver in the world. 

With the globalization of silver mining came a multitude of designs and methods for wearing the metal. When precious stones such as diamonds are set in a silver ring or silver necklace arrangement, silver has always been considered to enhance the stones’ elegance. Throughout history, many strong men and women wore magnificent things to demonstrate their superiority.

Silver jewelry is available in a wide range of designs and textures. The traditional silver used in jewelry is highly polished and gleams brightly in the light. Silver, on the other hand, is available in a number of finishes, including rhodium jewelry. With its silver but slightly darker finish, it gives silver the appearance of white gold.

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