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Metal chains are used in jewelry to encircle body parts such as the collar, wrists, and ankles and serve as hanging points for decorative charms and pendants. Unlike industrial or other types of chains, jewelry or body chains are created for aesthetic reasons.

Precious metals, primarily gold and silver, are used to make jewelry chains. Platinum, palladium, and steel are all possibilities. These metals are used because they are non-reactive, retain their intricate shape and strength, and need only little maintenance to retain their luster. Findings are small lever structures that act as fasteners, allowing the chain to be undone and redone.

Brief History

Chains have been worn as a form of adornment since ancient times. Most historians claim that wearing chains is now a 7000-year-old tradition, as is wearing necklaces and rings. Although early jewelry items were made of grasses, slender tree limbs, and shells, gold and alloys like copper and silver were widely used even in the dawn of civilization. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China were among the first wearers of gold and silver bracelets and chains.

Chains were worn mostly for ornamentation in ancient Egypt, with semiprecious stones adorning them; the deceased wearers were buried with their gold bracelets. Meanwhile, apart from carving jade jewelry items, the ancient Chinese carved nature, animals, and mythical creatures into gold bracelets as early as 2000 BC, although gold bangles were the most common bracelet type in India.

Silver Chain Styles

When it comes to fine or fashion jewelry, silver chains come in various designs and types to fit your taste. Some of the most common silver chain designs are as follows:

Curb. Curb chains have interlocking circular ties that are close together, giving it a masculine appearance. This chain style is available in various widths, with ties that are uniform in size.

Figaro. A figaro chain has many small round links interspersed with one long oval link. This design is commonly used for men’s jewelry, but if the ties are thinner, it can also be used for women’s jewelry.

Mariner. Like the curb chain, a mariner chain resembles the chains attached to a boat’s anchor, hence the term. Furthermore, this style is typical for ID bracelets, nautical jewelry, and unisex style jewelry because it has a traditional, slightly rounded edge or is a flat connection.

Rope. Rope chains are intertwined strands that mimic a natural rope and are available in both delicate and heavier versions. They are a common option for pendant necklaces and heavier versions where the chain itself is the main attraction. The amount of weave varies, which means that the thicker the braid, the more metal is used, and hence the price rises.

Snake. As the name suggests, a snake chain stems from its snake-like texture; this type is made up of rings that fit together tightly, giving it the appearance of a flexible tube. Furthermore, since this design is typically narrow and delicate, it is well-suited to pendants.

Box. A box chain or Briolette has squared off ties, giving it a boxy appearance. It’s also famous for women’s jewelry due to its thinner build, which is often paired with pendants.

Franco. The franco chain is becoming increasingly successful. It has a four-sided shape that resembles a snake and is made up of closely connected tubular structures. This style can be worn alone if the width is wide or matched with a pendant if thin.

Wheat Chains. Wheat chains are made up of long, thin teardrop-shaped ties that all point in the same direction. Since a tiny hinge joins each connection, this design is less fluid and liquid-like than others.

Value of Gold Bracelets

An X-ray Spectrometer is used to determine the purity of the silver content in a silver chain. Its value or price will be determined using the silver commodity market price or spot price after it has been analyzed. To learn more, please click on here.

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