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Antique jewelry is described as any piece of jewelry that is at least 100 years old. These items are mostly very rare and valuable, and they usually come with a lot of history. Jewelry that is considered “antique” is chiefly sought for its historical value as it encompassed several periods when jewelry-making transitioned through a number of phases. Today, antique jewelry remains a credible source of highly marketable precious items made of different elements exemplified through a variety of themes and stone settings. 

Brief History

The decade from which antique jewelry came is often used to identify its historical significance. At the outset, the Gregorian Era from 1714 to 1837 was the first, with mostly handcrafted parts. This delicate jewelry predates the Industrial Revolution, and only a handful of the pieces have survived. Gregorian jewelry is believed to be extremely rare and expensive, and it often incorporates natural elements and precious stones.

Then there were the years of the Victorian era. Nature-inspired designs were delicately and intricately crafted in silver and gold during the early years of this era. Colored gemstones and diamonds were common, as were lockets and brooches. On the other hand, most of the jewelry during the Middle Victorian Grand Era from 1860 to 1880 became darker and less bright. Then, star and crescent designs and Renaissance revival lockets set with seed pearls of flowers, hearts, and animals became common during the Late Victorian Aesthetic Era.

In contrast, the Arts and Crafts Movement dating from 1894 to 1923 was characterized by simple, handcrafted jewelry as a reaction to the designs created by machines during the Industrial Revolution. The fabrication was mostly noticeable, with hammered metals and handcrafted techniques, and the jewelry did not have unnecessary decoration.

From 1895 to 1915, the Art Nouveau Period brought new life to the jeweler’s art, with nature serving as the primary source of inspiration. New enameling techniques and the introduction of new materials, such as opals and semi-precious stones, complemented these objects.

The Edwardian Age from 1901 to 1915, named after Queen Victoria’s son Edward, was marked by lavish jewelry, including the reintroduction of costly diamonds, rubies, and emeralds set in intricate designs.

Finally, Art Deco jewelry changed from delicate designs to more abstract and angular shapes between 1915 and 1935. Significantly, the stones were formed in strict geometrical patterns.

Value of Antique Jewelry

Any antique jewelry is valued based on several factors. These are the main criteria that are checked and looked after when determining its worth. 

Age and demand. Since antique jewelry blossomed in different periods or eras, the date of manufacture is important in deciding its worth. The characteristics and details of vintage jewelry items are checked and examined to make sure that it complemented the jewelry trend when it was manufactured. Also, the demand in the market for any vintage jewelry item is considered to make sure that many jewelry dealers still seek it. 

Authenticity. This is another important consideration when determining whether or not an item is valuable. With the advent of technology, it is undeniable that many historical and iconic antique jewelry items have been reproduced. That means that these items are no longer worth the real item’s original value, which is why authenticity checks and measures are done during the valuation process.

Item condition. Given that it is antique jewelry, the condition is still an equally important factor that is considered when assessing its actual worth. When the item is in poor condition, there is a probability that its value will be lower than those still in great condition. However, if your item is deemed very rare, it can still be valued at a higher price despite its condition. 

Repairs, restorations, and modifications. Antique jewelry items with signs of repairs, restorations, and improvements may be valued differently than those which did not undergo any of these processes. But sometimes, an antique jewelry item that has been properly repaired will maintain its value. Items that are replaced or repaired improperly will lose a significant amount of value.

Stamps, marks, and signatures. An antique jewelry item with the designer’s logo or the artist’s name stamped or labeled usually gets a higher price than one without. The label or stamp that is evident on the item signifies that it is authentic and at the same time made by a distinguished jewelry-making company or manufacturer. 

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