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Antique jewelry is jewelry that is at least 100 years old. These jewelry items are extremely rare and valuable, and it comes with a lot of history. Antique jewelry covers several eras throughout history. Today, antique jewelry is very valuable, especially in the secondary market, where it can be sold for a very high price. Read along to learn more about antique jewelry buyers, how to sell antique jewelry, and where to sell antique jewelry.

How to Sell Antique Jewelry

The best way to sell antique jewelry is to bring it to your local coin shop. When antique jewelry buyers see the items in person, it is easier for them to evaluate them and offer you a price. If you just want to get an estimate for your jewelry, you can request a quote here

Where to Sell Antique Jewelry

Sell your antique jewelry at Nevada Coin Mart. Nevada Coin Mart is an expert when it comes to dealing and identifying antique jewelry. We have over two decades of experience in dealing with antique jewelry. We are also a 12-time winner of the Best of Las Vegas award by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So if you have antique jewelry to sell, Nevada Coin Mart is the place to be.

Antique Jewelry Buyer

Nevada Coin Mart is the #1 antique jewelry buyer in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. Our store provides a free in-store valuation of your antique jewelry using a state-of-the-art x-ray spectrometer. So you can rest assured that you are getting the best offer in the market. For all your inquiries, please call us at 702-998-4000 or stop by our store at Nevada Coin Mart® is located at 4065 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, United States. We are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day of the year.

Brief History

Jewelry is one of the oldest pieces of bodily adornments humans use and is one of the oldest kinds of archeological artifacts. Jewelry also varies from culture to culture and from period to period. However, when talking about antique jewelry, we can only go as far as the Georgian era, which began in 1714. So if you own antique jewelry, it probably dates back to any of the eras we will be talking about. Knowing which period your jewelry is from will help you in selling your antique jewelry. Below is a brief description of jewelry from each period.

Georgian Era (1714 – 1837)

The Georgian era began in 1714 and lasted for 120 years, covering the reigns of King George I, King George II, King George III, King George IV, and King William IV. Yellow gold and silver are the common metals used in Georgian-era jewelry. They are sometimes also set with stones like foil back diamonds, garnet, glass, paste, pearls, sapphires, and topaz. The cutting technique is primitive, and therefore stones look quite rough. Thus, making Georgian-era jewelry easy to identify.

Victorian Era (1837 – 1901)

Gold and silver were still the choice of metal for jewelry during the Victorian era. The victorian era is also divided into three important periods that show Queen Victoria’s life, and each period also shows different jewelry styles. These periods are:

  • Romantic Period
  • Grand Victorian Period
  • Aesthetic Victorian Period.

Jewelry during the entire Victorian period takes inspiration from animals.

Edwardian Era (1901 – 1910)

The Edwardian period covers the reign of King Edward VII, which lasted for nine years. Jewelry during this era is also known as La Belle Epoque, which is French for Beautiful Age. It was during this period that platinum was first used in making jewelry. Edwardian jewelry is more elaborate, detailed, and floral than its predecessor, the Victorian era jewelry. One of the most notable styles during this period was the use of techniques like filigree and fine milgrain.

Art Nouveau Era (1890 – 1910)

The Art Nouveau Era overlaps the Victorian era and the Edwardian era. Art Nouveau or new art is a style of jewelry that celebrates its free form. It does not follow strict styles or trends. As a result, jewelry from this era has no symmetry. Selling antique jewelry from the Art Nouveau era can be hard since they are a bit unconventional. It would require good connections in the Art Nouveau community and some research. To avoid these hassles, you can simply bring your piece to Nevada Coin Mart – home to professional buyers of virtually all forms of jewelry. 

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