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Gold plated jewelry has a very thin layer of gold on top of a base metal, usually brass or copper, containing less than 0.05 percent real gold. A thin layer of gold is plated onto the base metal to make gold-plated jewelry.

Since the gold plating is so thin, it can quickly rub off. When exposed to liquids or chemicals, it is often more susceptible to tarnishing. While gold does not corrode, copper and brass do, especially when exposed to liquids in the air, such as sweat, lotion, or perfume. gold plated jewelry is much less costly than other types of gold jewelry since it only uses a limited amount of gold. It is a good choice for special occasions or trying out new trends.

Gold plated jewelry is a cost-effective alternative to plain gold jewelry. It gives you the look and style of gold without the high price tag. Gold plating quality is influenced by the thickness and purity of the gold coating, the base metal used for the item, and the quality of craftsmanship. That is why it is almost impossible to tell the difference between real gold and gold plated jewelry simply by looking at it after it has been plated.

Characteristics of Gold Plated Jewelry


When compared to gold-filled or solid gold jewelry, gold plated jewelry is the most affordable choice. They usually cost between $5 and $50. Due to the low cost of gold plated pieces, more people are purchasing and wearing them nowadays. 


The plating process gives the item the appearance of solid gold while keeping the price low. As a result, gold plated jewelry will add the perfect touch of glitz and glam to any outfit! With skillful craftsmanship, it is impossible to say it is not genuine gold to the untrained eye.


Gold-plated jewelry is ideal for up-to-date fashions. That is why you can wear gold plated jewelry in a specific style of your taste, without having to worry about making a large investment in something that will not last long. For this reason, gold plated jewelry has a wide range of style options and can be worn for a variety of occasions.


Gold plated jewelry is finer and lasts longer than solid gold jewelry. Gold is a soft and malleable metal, meaning the higher the karat, the softer and more malleable the piece. So since 24K is too soft, making a jewelry piece entirely of 24K is unlikely. That is why to be strong enough to form and shape into jewelry, gold must be alloyed or combined with other metals or plated over other base metals. 

As a result, a gold plated item with a thin gold coating on the outside is a fantastic way to get the look of gold while still providing a solid and sturdy piece of jewelry. Solid gold jewelry is more susceptible to wear and tear than gold plated jewelry.

Value of Gold Plated Jewelry 

It can be difficult to retrieve some gold from most jewelry because the gold plating is so thin. For gold refineries, extracting gold from plated jewelry is often not worth the effort, and profit margins are very low.

Gold-plated jewelry contains very little real gold. It is true that the higher the karatage, the more real gold is contained in the piece. With gold plated jewelry, this will only total a small amount of gold and add little to the piece’s overall worth. Gold plating has little or no resale value and should not be considered a financial investment.

However, the value of gold plated jewelry spikes up based on its intricate and quality design and details. Several gold jewelry enthusiasts and gold-buying establishments look forward to buying gold plated jewelry items at a higher price because of their physical features, such as design and style that are best exemplified as attractive embellishments. 

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