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Navajo Jewelry stems from the jewelry-making practice of the Navajo. They are the largest indigenous group in the United States. Native American Jewelry includes adornments like beaded necklaces, decorated ketoh, concha or concho and many more. These are generally made of German silver, brass, copper, and to a lesser extent, silver. The wearing of Navajo jewelry often signifies respect and beauty.

Brief History

The Spaniards’ introduction of silversmiths alongside the use of turquoise in the trade industry back then paved the way for Navajo jewelry. It started in 1850 with Atsidi Sani or the “Old Smith”, a well-known Navajo blacksmith who was credited for introducing silver by incorporating it into Navajo jewelry.

He admired the silver trappings of the Spanish. Their horses were adorned with, which got the Spanish to teach him how to work silver. According to records, he began making silver conchos, adornments, and the first Navajo jewelry, which was made in 1865. Atsidi Sani found an immediate market for his jewelry from his own people, and he taught his brother how to become a silversmith. Then, they trained other Navajo in becoming silversmiths themselves.

Another important figure in Navajo jewelry is Atsidi Chon, also known as the Ugly Smith. He was the first to have incorporated the blue-green gemstone turquoise into jewelry creations in the 1880s when the Navajo was previously trading for turquoise and turquoise beads from the Santo Domingo Indians of the Rio Grande region. Then, by 1885, Navajo turquoise jewelry was in high demand. Moreover, he taught the Zuni tribe the art of silversmithing.

We Buy All Sorts of Native American Jewelry

The practice of jewelry-making by the Navajo brought a lot of innovations when it comes to designs, styles, and decorative pieces or adornments. Their art of jewelry-making encompasses all classes of people in the society from the middle class to royalties. The Navajos are known for their creations that seemingly depict their culture and practices.

The following are some of the popular pieces of Navajo jewelry that we look forward to buying from you:

  • Rings
  • Conchas
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Earrings

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