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Gold Earrings are a form of earrings that are pierced through the earlobe or some other external part of the ear. Generally, earrings are worn by both men and women in numerous cultures throughout history. Of course, gold earrings are made of gold and other metal alloys.

Brief History

In the Early Dynastic period, gold earrings were first discovered between 2000 and 1600 BCE in ancient sites in Lothan, India, and Ur. Ear piercing is one of the oldest ways of body modification from various cultures around the world since that time. Silver and bronze hoop earrings were common among the Minoans, and examples of this artifact can be found on frescoes on the Aegean island of Santorini, Greece. Hoop earrings with conical pendants, which were common during the early Mycenaean periods of Bronze Age Greece, exemplified this time of the earrings’ history.  

In Japan, the Ainu men and women, an East Asian ethnic group, wore earrings as part of their culture. However, in the late nineteenth century, the Meiji Japanese government put a stop to this. Meanwhile, earrings were considered commonplace by nomadic tribes in Turkey, and costly ear ornaments have been popular in India since ancient times.

Earrings became popular in the 1590s among English courtiers and gentlemen in Western Europe. In fact, a document titled Description of England, written by clergyman Willian Harrison and published in 1577, describes English people wearing gold, stones, or pearl rings in their ears. Earrings have been worn for centuries, emphasizing patterns, precious stones, and complex shapes.  

Different Karats of Gold Earrings

Here are the different gold earrings karats: 

  • 9K (37.5 percent gold, 62.5 percent alloyed metals) – This has a high proportion of other metals, making it stronger and more affordable to purchase. 
  • 14K (58 percent gold, 42 percent alloyed metals) – This alloy has a higher wear resistance than either 18K or 22K. Due to its lower gold content, it is more affordable than 18kt gold. 
  • 18K (75 percent gold, 25 percent alloyed metals) – This is the most popular gold-and-metal combination. The metal alloys are used for strength and color. The higher gold content in 18K jewelry will command a higher price than 14K, which typically indicates a higher-quality item. 
  • 22K gold (92 percent gold, 8 percent alloyed metals) – Even a small amount of alloyed metal, such as 8 percent, makes 22 karat gold stronger and more robust than pure gold. However, since this combination is still the softest type of mixed metal jewelry, it must be treated with caution. They are very delicate, making them unsuitable for stone-set jewelry. Simple gold jewelry, such as wedding bands, is crafted from this metal. 
  • 24K (pure gold) – This type of gold is naturally yellow and extremely valuable but soft. Since 24K gold is the highest karat, it is easy to believe that it is the “best” gold to buy, but this is not always the case. Pure gold is easily scratched and bent, rendering it unsuitable for everyday use. It is not commonly used in the development of fine jewelry.

It is believed that earrings with a karat of 14-18k are the safest kind of gold earrings to wear every day. Earrings made of just 10k gold do not have the same appeal as 14-18k gold earrings. 

Value of Gold Earrings

The following factors determine the value of gold earrings:

Purity of Gold Earrings – The purity of gold earrings is measured in karats. The absolute rule is that the purer the gold is with the earring, the higher its value is from gold-buying establishments. 

Hallmarks – This is a method for determining and ensuring the purity of gold. These marks describe the precious metal’s origin and fineness and certify that it has been correctly and independently checked. The metal and fineness mark for 18-karat is 750 in terms of hallmarking, while 585 is the standard for 14-karat gold. The 375 mark indicates 9 karats. 

Gram Weight – The gram weight of the earrings is a measurement of the gold content. You may compare the amount of gold in the earrings by knowing the gram weight of the earrings. The gold earrings would then be weighed according to their karat weight. Since 14K gold contains more gold than 10K gold, 14K gold earrings in the same design and size would weigh more. An earring made of 18K gold would weigh more than those made of 14K gold. 

Gold Market Price in Ounces – Since the majority of a gold earring’s content is actual gold, the price of gold as a market commodity will have a strong influence on the earring’s value. To learn more about it, click here:

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