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Necklaces are one of the most ancient forms of human jewelry. It is also one of the most common articles of jewelry people wear today. Did you know that you can sell your necklace? Yes, you can actually sell your necklace if you need quick cash. Precious metals are commodities that companies and individuals trade daily, and at Nevada Coin Mart we can offer you the best price for your necklace. Selling your necklaces with us is the best and the easiest decision you can make as we are the top necklace buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV! Read more and find out how to sell necklaces with us!

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Did you know that gold, silver, and platinum are one of the commodities that market across the globe trade on a daily basis? Necklaces made from these precious metals are extremely popular in the secondary market. When you sell your necklace our experts will test it for precious metal contents. We use a non-destructive X-ray spectrometer to determine what kind of metal is in your necklace so we can give you the best offer. Selling a necklace has never been easier!

Where to Sell Necklace

So if you have some silver necklaces lying around you are not using anymore you can get some good cash from them. Sell your necklaces at Nevada Coin Mart for the best deals.

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Nevada Coin Mart is the best necklace buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson. Our jewelry experts have decades of experience in dealing with jewelry. Sell your necklace today for the best offers!

We are open every day of the year, from 9 AM to 6 PM. For more information, stop by Nevada Coin Mart®, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call 702-998-4000. We guarantee to give you exceptional customer service for which we have become recognized over the years. The Las Vegas Review-Journal also awarded us with The Best of Las Vegas over 12 times! This only means that Nevada Coin Mart is, without a doubt, the greatest place to sell your necklace!

Brief History

Necklaces are one of the earliest forms of jewelry humans wear that date back in early human history. Historically, early humans wore them as a part of one’s identity or on different occasions such as funerals, ceremonies, and religious rituals. Moreover, some ancient civilizations wore necklaces to show off social status. For example, ancient Roman elites wore gold, silver, and precious gemstones necklaces.

During the Stone Age, humans used organic materials such as bones, feathers, seeds, and shells to make necklaces. However, during the Bronze Age, early humans started to work with metals. Thus, ancient craftsmen made necklaces with metals such as copper and bronze.

Necklaces also played an important part in ancient Egyptian society. In this era, people wore necklaces for several purposes, such as religious rituals, funerals, and other important ceremonies, especially by the upper classes. Semi-precious materials such as glass, pottery, and hollow beads were used to craft the necklaces. Ancient Egyptians also used gold to carve animals, insects, and plants.

Ancient Greeks also adorned themselves with necklaces made of precious metals such as gold. They were also fond of wearing necklaces with pendants with various designs such as cameos, perfume vials, rosettes, or carved animals. On the other hand, ancient Romans wore necklaces made of gold and silver. And these necklaces were often adorned with semi-precious gems such as amber, amethyst, diamond, pearl, and sapphire. Strings of pearls were also commonly worn.

Presently, jewelers make necklaces out of different kinds of materials, from precious metals to plastics and fabrics, so selling your necklaces is even easier. People today wear necklaces daily as a part of their self-expression and identity.

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