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A bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is looped and worn around the wrist. It can be worn for various reasons, including as an ornament. Also, when worn as decorations, they serve as a support for other ornaments, such as charms. Some bracelets, such as allergy wristbands, hospital patient identification tags, and newborn baby bracelet tags, are marked with medical and identity information. Likewise, bracelets can be worn to commemorate a specific event, such as breast cancer awareness or religious or cultural reasons.

Bracelets appear in different styles and designs. These include a bangle which is a bracelet that is made up of a single, rigid loop. Another is an ankle bracelet or anklet, which is worn around the ankle. This jewelry article can be made of metal, leather, cloth, plastic, beads, or other materials. They can include gems, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal or plastic hoops, pearls, and various other materials.

Brief History

The history of bracelets is mainly attributed to the Egyptian bracelets that have been around since 5000 BCE. To satisfy religious and spiritual concerns, items such as bones, stones, and woods were first used. The National Geographic Society published that the Scarab Bracelet is one of the most well-known symbols of ancient Egypt. It is considered a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Scarabs were carved into jewelry and tied around mummies’ linen bandages. The scarab god Khepri, according to legend, pushed the sun across the sky.

In Bulgaria, a practice known as martenitsa includes tying a red and white ribbon around the wrist to satisfy Baba Marta and hasten the arrival of spring. Whereas, in Greece, a similar tradition of constructing a bracelet out of red and white string on March 1st and wearing it until the end of summer is known as “Martis” and is thought to protect the wearer’s skin from the harsh Greek sun.

Meanwhile, in Latin America, Azabache bracelets are worn to ward off the Mal de Ojo, or evil eye. Excessive admiration or envious looks from others are thought to cause the evil eye. Wearing an azabache (a gold bracelet or necklace with a black or red coral charm in the shape of a fist) on a newborn baby is thought to protect them from the evil eye.

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