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Pandora charms are jewelry articles that are produced and created by the Pandora company. These charms are specifically created in ways unique to those who wear Pandora necklaces and bracelets. Aside from that, these items usually have several meanings, one from the designer and another from the person who wears and loves it. Each charm is crafted to tell the wearer’s personal story while showcasing their unique style, whether it is a celebration of color or pattern or a tribute to a nation, occasion, event, or, most importantly, an individual.

Brief History

Per Enevoldsen founded Pandora, a Danish jewelry manufacturer and retailer, in 1982. The business began as a small jewelry store owned by a family in Copenhagen. Their company eventually became famous for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, and necklaces.

Historical records reveal that Pandora started producing jewelry in Thailand in 1989 with only a few workers and a single solid sterling silver ring. But with the launch of Pandora’s signature charm bracelet in 2000, the company’s vision of creating a charm bracelet design that women could style in their unique ways to express unique moments and style became a reality.

In 2005, Pandora’s first fully owned crafting facility opened in Gemopolis, Thailand, on the outskirts of Bangkok. Then, in 2017, the company opened a second crafting facility in Lamphun, Thailand, near Chiang Mai. This state-of-the-art crafting facility earned a LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold certification, demonstrating Pandora’s commitment to craft jewelry responsibly. In 2018, a new LEED Gold-certified manufacturing facility, called Triple-A, opened in Gemopolis, which is built to meet the increasing demand for high-quality jewelry.

Today, Pandora sells affordable, hand-finished jewelry that adheres to the strictest environmental and ethical guidelines. It is now the most well-known jewelry brand globally, with over 7,700 retail locations and over 15 million Facebook fans, and a little more than 13 million Pandora Club members. With this, Pandora will remain at the forefront of innovation and style for many years to come.

We Buy All Sorts of Pandora Charms

Sterling Silver Charms

The Pandora sterling silver charms are among the most famous in this jewelry collection. There are nearly 200 sterling silver charms to choose from, ranging from easy to fancy, plain to ornate, and all are 92.5 percent (.925) pure silver and nickel free.

Gold Charms

Pandora gold charms are made of 14K yellow gold and come in various styles, from plain to elegant. Precious stones, pearls, cubic zirconia, and even diamonds are examples of these styles.

Silver & Gold Charms

Pandora charms in two-tone silver and gold are a charming combination of both beautiful metals that add a rare gleam to every bracelet or necklace.

Rose Charms

Pandora Rose charms are made of a modern metal mix that gives your bracelet or necklace a hint of pink.

Murano Glass Charms

Handcrafted from Italian Murano glass, Pandora Murano charms add a rare splash of color and style to your jewelry. All of the colors and patterns are embedded in the bottle rather than being drawn on the exterior.

Essence Charms

The Essence Collection is a group of charms and bracelets that are meant to reflect your inner beliefs, dreams, and desires. The charms are more sensitive and petite, and the bracelets are more slender. Essence charms, like those in our signature series, are all handcrafted from authentic materials.

Disney Charms

The Disney charms are one of the most popular types of Pandora Charms, as they capture all of the magic and creativity that your favorite Disney characters have instilled in you. This set includes nearly 80 different charms, ranging from Tinkerbell and Minnie Mouse to Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.

Pet Charms

With Pandora pet charms of cute dogs, cats, horses, birds, and more, you can show your love for animals. Many of these charms in this series are made of sterling silver and are embellished with decorative enamel or gemstones.

Best Buyer of Pandora Charms

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