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An engagement ring, particularly in Western cultures, is a ring that indicates that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. When a partner proposes marriage or after a marriage proposal is approved, they present their prospective mate with an engagement ring. It is a jewelry article that is worn to signify a formal arrangement to marry in the future.

Women in Western countries often wear engagement rings, which may include diamonds or other gemstones. In certain countries, engaged men and women would wear matching rings. Sometimes, engagement rings can also be used as wedding rings.The ring is traditionally worn on the left-hand ring finger in Anglo-Saxon nations, but customs differ widely around the world.

Brief History

Ancient Times

While the ancient Egyptians are often credited with inventing the engagement ring and the ancient Greeks with introducing the practice, the engagement ring’s origin actually can only be traced way back to ancient Rome. In several nations, engagement rings are worn on the left hand’s ring finger, which was once thought to contain a vein that led to the heart. 

Middle Ages

The use of engagement rings marked the mid-7th century as a betrothal ring in marriage. It was believed that when using rings for betrothal purposes, the promise of marriage shall not be broken under any circumstances. This was popularly called the Visigothic Code. 


One of the most important events of this period was the Archduke Maximilian of Austria’s betrothal to Mary of Burgundy in the court of Vienna in 1477, which was known as the first documented use of a diamond ring indicating marriage. Consequently, those of a higher social status and greater wealth began to offer diamond rings to their loved ones during this time.


The Protestant Reformation was marked by replacing the wedding ring or betrothal ring as the primary ring associated with marriage. This transition in the use of engagement rings took place a little later in Catholic countries.


Both gimmel rings and posie rings were common during the Age of Enlightenment, though the latter was more frequently used to convey sentiment than signify a formal engagement.

Victorian Era

Diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1866, but they were not classified as such until 1867. By 1872, the diamond mines had produced over one million carats per year. However, diamond engagement rings were once considered the property of the bourgeoisie and aristocrats, and many people always favored traditional engagement bands. 

20th Century

After World War I, diamond engagement rings became less fashionable in the United States until after the Great Depression. Then, De Beers, the leading diamond cartel at that time, launched a marketing campaign in 1938 that would have a significant effect on engagement rings. Diamond prices dropped during the Great Depression of the 1930s. At the same time, market research revealed that engagement rings were becoming less common among the younger generation.

Value of Engagement Rings 

To determine the value of your engagement rings, several factors are considered. Some of the most notable ones include the following:

Authenticity. This refers to whether the stone that is set on the engagement rings is real or not. Most engagement rings are set with diamonds. So, aside from the 4Cs (Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut), you should also make sure that your engagement ring comes with a certification that proves its legitimacy as a genuine diamond. 

Condition. Engagement rings in good condition are valued higher during the assessment of the item. Various ways of taking care of your engagement ring will ensure that it retains its original, elegant, and stunning look. Doing so can protect an item from any possible scratch or corrosion.

Quality. This primarily refers to how the engagement ring is made. Intricate details characterize high-quality engagement rings in terms of design and style. The metal used to create the circular band of the ring typically complements the stone set on it to consider it high quality. 

Stone. Engagement rings can come with any stone. But in usual cases, it goes with a diamond. Whatever the stone that is set on the ring, its value is primarily determined based on the metal’s market value. 

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