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A wedding band is primarily a ring that is offered as a token of matrimony during the wedding ceremony. It is often confused with an engagement ring, but what distinguishes it from the former is both parties or couples wear the wedding band. In contrast, an engagement ring is only worn by the individual being proposed to. Among the other differences between the two as well are style characteristics and wearability.

Moreover, while an engagement ring is generally more colorful, with diamonds, simulated lab-produced diamonds, or other gemstones, a wedding band is typically simpler. This is particularly true for men’s wedding bands, which typically have a simple shank and are made of a single metal form with little or no design features.

Brief History

Wedding rings and wedding bands have a long history dating back to ancient times. The Egyptians believed that the vein in the ring finger was linked to the heart, so they chose to wear such a sentimental adornment on that finger, and why the wedding band should always be worn nearest to the heart. The Greeks and Romans continued this practice, but rings had changed dramatically by that time.

Metal was being used to make betrothal rings, which had traditionally been made of leather, bone, or ivory. The most common metal used was iron, though gold and silver were sometimes worn by the wealthy. Although much has changed since then, wedding rings and wedding bands are still issued as a token of everlasting love and worn on the left hand’s ring finger.

Today, wedding bands have a universal sense. However, some couples prefer to personalize their wedding bands with meaningful information. Subtly adding these details can be done with metal work or matching stones. Women may also build a wedding ring stack by layering various bands with different meanings.

Different Types of Wedding Bands

There are numerous wedding band styles today. Each style has a specific function, such as matching your engagement ring to create a perfect wedding set or creating a unique ring stack to wear on your right hand. Here are some of the most famous styles of wedding bands.

Matching Bands

Matching bands are wedding bands that are built with the exact details of a specific engagement ring. Unless otherwise stated, they are normally made of the same metal material. Similarly, it’s usual for the band to fit the engagement ring’s accents.

Eternity Bands

This is one of the most eye-catching and meaningful wedding bands. An eternity band has accent stones that run the length of the shank. Although this adds a lot of glitz, it also emphasizes the importance of never-ending love and devotion.

Nesting Band

Nesting bands are wedding bands that fit snugly around the contours of an engagement ring. These bands are sometimes curved so that when worn next to your ring, there is no distance between them. Such bands are suitable for engagement rings with intricate designs that stretch outward, like an elongated or asymmetrical center stone.

Stand Alone Bands

Any band that is worn on its own, whether on the left or right side, is classified as a stand-alone band. Most wedding bands, including nesting bands built to match with another ring, fall into this group. If the specifics on a wedding band may resemble those on a cocktail ring, this is the case.

Stackable Bands 

In today’s wedding ring collections, this style of a wedding band is becoming more common. While some brides tend to stack thick and thin bands together, stackable bands are built with a thin shank so you can stack several bands together. This style is common because it allows you to change your wedding set’s appearance on a daily basis.

Value of Wedding Bands

The value of wedding bands is affected by several factors. First is the type of metal used and stones set on it if any. Wedding bands can come in gold, silver, and platinum metals with different stone settings. The type of metal used conveys the amount of karat contained in such rings, which is considered a major criterion in assessing its worth. Likewise, the value of the stone on top of the band itself is determined through a different process. This value is later on added to the wedding band’s overall value.

Second is condition. Wedding bands that are sold in excellent condition are likely to have a higher resale value than those that are less presentable or damaged. 

Then, another factor is authenticity. Since wedding bands are one of the most sought-after jewelry items nowadays, many manufacturers would opt to replicate popular original designs. Imitations will most probably be sold at a lower value than the original. So, if you have a wedding band that you want to sell, you want to make sure that it is not fake by doing some authenticity checks, such as magnet and water tests, as the most common ones. Better yet, bring them in to Nevada Coin Mart to have them tested in a safe manner or verbally appraised. 

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