Cartier Ring

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Cartier debuted their first rings during the Art Deco craze in 1924. Jean Cocteau, a French novelist, painter, filmmaker, and poet who was a close friend of Louis Cartier, designed this masterpiece of the Cartier collection. These three interlocking rings, each of a different gold color, quickly became a classic due to their simplicity. It was said to represent friendship, loyalty, and love. It is also worth noting that, as simple as it might seem, the technicality of the ‘Trinity’ models, which chiefly include the Cartier rings, is an amazing achievement, enabling the three bands to glide seamlessly over the skin.

Brief History

 The House of Cartier was created in 1847 when Louis-François Cartier, then 28 years old, took over a shop on Paris’s 29 rue Montorgueil. In 1874, his son Alfred took over the business, which had already established a solid reputation. However, Alfred’s three sons, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques founded Cartier as a globally recognized jewelry brand.

Although Louis remained in charge of their business in Paris, Jacques went to London in 1902 and obtained the Royal Warrant just two years later, allowing him to supply jewelry to King Edward VII and his court. Pierre traveled to New York and acquired the 653 Fifth Avenue in 1917 for two strands of the finest pearls. This prime piece of real estate is still used as Cartier’s flagship store today.

Since then, the Maison has grown to become what many consider to be the world’s finest jewelry house. Its clients have included royalty, movie stars, and business moguls. Cartier was visited by King Farouk of Egypt, The Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Clark Gable, who all purchased jewelry.

Eventually, in 1924, Louis Cartier modeled an intertwined ring for French poet and playwright Jean Cocteau, almost 80 years after the business was established. Three bands of yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold were used in the piece. This distinctive design became a signature of the Cartier style.

From 1930 to 1960, the Trinity ring and bracelet were hugely popular, and they became a symbol of French elegance. Great personalities were drawn to this item because of the fluidity of its mobile rings—round on the outside and smooth on the inside. When Old Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly and Gary Cooper were seen wearing the style, it gave the ring a visible connection to regality and star power.

After a decade of modifications, the three-band ring was given the name “Trinity” in 1981, and Cartier designed a version of the ring for the “les must de Cartier” line, with the slogan etched on the rose gold band. The company eventually phased out the slogan, and later ring versions did not have the engraving.

The style evolved into other types or styles over time. In some cases, jewels were inserted into the design, while in others, the form and style were altered to suit current trends. Then, the ring was enlarged in the 1990s to fit the common chunky jewelry style.

In 2014, Cartier launched the Trinity Ruban solitaire, proving that its revolutionary style stands the test of time. The ring was inspired by the marital covenant of two souls coming together as one, making it the first Trinity ring with just one band.

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Cartier Bracelet

Where to Sell Cartier Love Bracelet | Sell Cartier Bracelet- Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Sell Cartier Bracelet

The Cartier Love Bracelet is perhaps the most popular piece that it has produced. It is well known for the letter “O” with a horizontal line inside. These bracelets were commonly made of 18-karat white, yellow, and rose gold, making them extremely expensive and popular in the secondary market. If you sell your Cartier bracelet, you will surely get a huge amount of cash. Nevada Coin Mart is where you want to sell your Cartier Love bracelet as they pay the most cash for it.

Brief History

In 1847, Louis-François Cartier founded Cartier when he took over his master’s—Adolphe Picard—workshop in Paris. Years later, in 1874, Alfred Cartier took over the business from his father. However, it was Alfred’s sons Louis, Pierre, and Jacques who catapulted the business into the brand we know today.

Cartier soon became a favorite among royals, especially with King Edward VII, who dubbed Cartier as “the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers.” In 1904, King Edward granted a royal warrant to Cartier, enabling them to supply jewelry to the royals. In 1909, Pierre Cartier opened a store in New York City, which was later moved to 653 Fifth Avenue in 1917.

Since then, the Maison has evolved into what many consider the finest jewelry house in the world. Royalty, movie stars, and industry moguls have also been among its clients. For example, King Farouk of Egypt, The Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Clark Gable visited Cartier and bought or had jewelry made for them.


Italian jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo designed and made the Cartier Love bracelet in 1969 in Cartier’s New York workshop. The bracelet’s design was inspired by medieval chastity belts, which caused some controversy. However, it quickly became a must-have object for someone who wanted to show the world that they were “locked into love.”

The oval shape of the bracelet is designed to stick close to the body and can only be removed with the help of a special screwdriver that comes with the bracelet. The bracelet’s specific details are derived from identical screws found on the bezel of Cartier’s Santos watch. Initially, the bracelets could only be bought as a gift, with both parties agreeing to hand over the screwdriver.

Following its publication, Cipullo and Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon Cosmetics, decided to collaborate. The limited-edition Love bracelet had a screw-on on just one side rather than both, and it was plated in precious metals or elements to make it more readily available.

Since the bracelet is so difficult to remove, Cipullo’s design has been credited with revolutionizing how people communicate with jewelry. In addition, the bracelet was designed to be worn at all times.

Cartier gave bracelets the couple theme to publicize the romantic symbolism at the time of the original release. The little bangle has enchanted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen, and many others. But, unfortunately, they also practiced a policy that Love bracelets could only be bought as presents for high-class couples and could not be purchased for oneself.

Cipullo’s first design was the Love bracelet. After that, he designed variations, including the similarly famous Juste un Clou (“just a nail”) bracelet, which encircles the wrist in a thick nailhead. Today, Cartier’s complete Love collection, which primarily includes earrings, pendants, cufflinks, and more, now comprises the bracelet. The design has become synonymous with Cartier as the ultimate collector’s piece, whether worn alone or stacked from wrist to elbow.

Because of this iconic design, Cartier bracelets can hold their value well. And when you sell your Cartier bracelet at the secondary market, you are guaranteed to get a pretty decent amount of cash for it.

Where to Sell Cartier Love Bracelet

When it comes to secondary markets, Nevada Coin Mart is the place to be. They buy all sorts of jewelry and is a 12-time winner of the Best of Las Vegas by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. So when it comes to selling your Cartier bracelet, Nevada Coin Mart is your best choice.

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Wedding Band

Sell Wedding Bands to the Best Jewelry Buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

A wedding band is primarily a ring that is offered as a token of matrimony during the wedding ceremony. It is often confused with an engagement ring, but what distinguishes it from the former is both parties or couples wear the wedding band. In contrast, an engagement ring is only worn by the individual being proposed to. Among the other differences between the two as well are style characteristics and wearability.

Moreover, while an engagement ring is generally more colorful, with diamonds, simulated lab-produced diamonds, or other gemstones, a wedding band is typically simpler. This is particularly true for men’s wedding bands, which typically have a simple shank and are made of a single metal form with little or no design features.

Brief History

Wedding rings and wedding bands have a long history dating back to ancient times. The Egyptians believed that the vein in the ring finger was linked to the heart, so they chose to wear such a sentimental adornment on that finger, and why the wedding band should always be worn nearest to the heart. The Greeks and Romans continued this practice, but rings had changed dramatically by that time.

Metal was being used to make betrothal rings, which had traditionally been made of leather, bone, or ivory. The most common metal used was iron, though gold and silver were sometimes worn by the wealthy. Although much has changed since then, wedding rings and wedding bands are still issued as a token of everlasting love and worn on the left hand’s ring finger.

Today, wedding bands have a universal sense. However, some couples prefer to personalize their wedding bands with meaningful information. Subtly adding these details can be done with metal work or matching stones. Women may also build a wedding ring stack by layering various bands with different meanings.

Different Types of Wedding Bands

There are numerous wedding band styles today. Each style has a specific function, such as matching your engagement ring to create a perfect wedding set or creating a unique ring stack to wear on your right hand. Here are some of the most famous styles of wedding bands.

Matching Bands

Matching bands are wedding bands that are built with the exact details of a specific engagement ring. Unless otherwise stated, they are normally made of the same metal material. Similarly, it’s usual for the band to fit the engagement ring’s accents.

Eternity Bands

This is one of the most eye-catching and meaningful wedding bands. An eternity band has accent stones that run the length of the shank. Although this adds a lot of glitz, it also emphasizes the importance of never-ending love and devotion.

Nesting Band

Nesting bands are wedding bands that fit snugly around the contours of an engagement ring. These bands are sometimes curved so that when worn next to your ring, there is no distance between them. Such bands are suitable for engagement rings with intricate designs that stretch outward, like an elongated or asymmetrical center stone.

Stand Alone Bands

Any band that is worn on its own, whether on the left or right side, is classified as a stand-alone band. Most wedding bands, including nesting bands built to match with another ring, fall into this group. If the specifics on a wedding band may resemble those on a cocktail ring, this is the case.

Stackable Bands 

In today’s wedding ring collections, this style of a wedding band is becoming more common. While some brides tend to stack thick and thin bands together, stackable bands are built with a thin shank so you can stack several bands together. This style is common because it allows you to change your wedding set’s appearance on a daily basis.

Value of Wedding Bands

The value of wedding bands is affected by several factors. First is the type of metal used and stones set on it if any. Wedding bands can come in gold, silver, and platinum metals with different stone settings. The type of metal used conveys the amount of karat contained in such rings, which is considered a major criterion in assessing its worth. Likewise, the value of the stone on top of the band itself is determined through a different process. This value is later on added to the wedding band’s overall value.

Second is condition. Wedding bands that are sold in excellent condition are likely to have a higher resale value than those that are less presentable or damaged. 

Then, another factor is authenticity. Since wedding bands are one of the most sought-after jewelry items nowadays, many manufacturers would opt to replicate popular original designs. Imitations will most probably be sold at a lower value than the original. So, if you have a wedding band that you want to sell, you want to make sure that it is not fake by doing some authenticity checks, such as magnet and water tests, as the most common ones. Better yet, bring them in to Nevada Coin Mart to have them tested in a safe manner or verbally appraised. 

Best Buyer of Wedding Bands

Nevada Coin Mart is the #1 buyer of wedding bands in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV. We are the largest jewelry buyer of all sorts like rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and many more. We are the perfect local business for you to get the best possible deals and offers in exchange for your jewelry items. 

Using a state-of-the-art X-ray spectrometer, we ensure that your wedding bands are treated, examined, checked, and analyzed fairly during the valuation process. We consider every single detail that could be helpful in understanding and eventually assessing the worth of your item. Our excellent and competent employees are readily available to answer queries you may have as we value your items during the selling and buying transaction. 

For more details, you may visit us at 4065 S. Las Vegas Blvd. in Las Vegas, Nevada, or call us at 702-998-4000. You can also stop by our location at Jones Blvd in Las Vegas, NV 89103. We are available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every single day of the year.


Gold Plated Jewelry

Sell Gold Plated Jewelry to the Best Gold Buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson, NV

Gold plated jewelry has a very thin layer of gold on top of a base metal, usually brass or copper, containing less than 0.05 percent real gold. A thin layer of gold is plated onto the base metal to make gold-plated jewelry.

Since the gold plating is so thin, it can quickly rub off. When exposed to liquids or chemicals, it is often more susceptible to tarnishing. While gold does not corrode, copper and brass do, especially when exposed to liquids in the air, such as sweat, lotion, or perfume. gold plated jewelry is much less costly than other types of gold jewelry since it only uses a limited amount of gold. It is a good choice for special occasions or trying out new trends.

Gold plated jewelry is a cost-effective alternative to plain gold jewelry. It gives you the look and style of gold without the high price tag. Gold plating quality is influenced by the thickness and purity of the gold coating, the base metal used for the item, and the quality of craftsmanship. That is why it is almost impossible to tell the difference between real gold and gold plated jewelry simply by looking at it after it has been plated.

Characteristics of Gold Plated Jewelry


When compared to gold-filled or solid gold jewelry, gold plated jewelry is the most affordable choice. They usually cost between $5 and $50. Due to the low cost of gold plated pieces, more people are purchasing and wearing them nowadays. 


The plating process gives the item the appearance of solid gold while keeping the price low. As a result, gold plated jewelry will add the perfect touch of glitz and glam to any outfit! With skillful craftsmanship, it is impossible to say it is not genuine gold to the untrained eye.


Gold-plated jewelry is ideal for up-to-date fashions. That is why you can wear gold plated jewelry in a specific style of your taste, without having to worry about making a large investment in something that will not last long. For this reason, gold plated jewelry has a wide range of style options and can be worn for a variety of occasions.


Gold plated jewelry is finer and lasts longer than solid gold jewelry. Gold is a soft and malleable metal, meaning the higher the karat, the softer and more malleable the piece. So since 24K is too soft, making a jewelry piece entirely of 24K is unlikely. That is why to be strong enough to form and shape into jewelry, gold must be alloyed or combined with other metals or plated over other base metals. 

As a result, a gold plated item with a thin gold coating on the outside is a fantastic way to get the look of gold while still providing a solid and sturdy piece of jewelry. Solid gold jewelry is more susceptible to wear and tear than gold plated jewelry.

Value of Gold Plated Jewelry 

It can be difficult to retrieve some gold from most jewelry because the gold plating is so thin. For gold refineries, extracting gold from plated jewelry is often not worth the effort, and profit margins are very low.

Gold-plated jewelry contains very little real gold. It is true that the higher the karatage, the more real gold is contained in the piece. With gold plated jewelry, this will only total a small amount of gold and add little to the piece’s overall worth. Gold plating has little or no resale value and should not be considered a financial investment.

However, the value of gold plated jewelry spikes up based on its intricate and quality design and details. Several gold jewelry enthusiasts and gold-buying establishments look forward to buying gold plated jewelry items at a higher price because of their physical features, such as design and style that are best exemplified as attractive embellishments. 

Best Buyer of Gold Plated Jewelry  

Nevada Coin Mart is undoubtedly the best place in Las Vegas and Henderson to sell gold plated jewelry. We are a multi-award-winning local business that has won the “Best of Las Vegas” award from the Las Vegas Review Journal 12 times and counting. This guarantees that you will be treated fairly and that you will receive the highest possible price for your gold plated jewelry. 

We use an x-ray spectrometer, a modern piece of gemology technology, to test valuable objects in a non-destructive manner. SUnlike scratch checks conducted by other stores and pawnshops, our tests will not permanently harm the quality and value of your gold plated jewelry, which is always more preferable. 

We are known for providing the best customer service when it comes to selling transactions involving necklaces and other valuable products. Additionally, our professionals who can ensure that you get the most money for your gold plated jewelry are always present at the store. Our staff is committed to providing high-quality facilities throughout the state of Nevada.

We are available every day of the year from 9 AM to 6 PM. For more details, stop by Nevada Coin Mart®, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call 702-998-4000. Nevada Coin Mart is definitely the best shop with the best customer service! Hurry now!


Silver Chain

Sell Silver Chain to the Best Silver Buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson

Metal chains are used in jewelry to encircle body parts such as the collar, wrists, and ankles and serve as hanging points for decorative charms and pendants. Unlike industrial or other types of chains, jewelry or body chains are created for aesthetic reasons.

Precious metals, primarily gold and silver, are used to make jewelry chains. Platinum, palladium, and steel are all possibilities. These metals are used because they are non-reactive, retain their intricate shape and strength, and need only little maintenance to retain their luster. Findings are small lever structures that act as fasteners, allowing the chain to be undone and redone.

Brief History

Chains have been worn as a form of adornment since ancient times. Most historians claim that wearing chains is now a 7000-year-old tradition, as is wearing necklaces and rings. Although early jewelry items were made of grasses, slender tree limbs, and shells, gold and alloys like copper and silver were widely used even in the dawn of civilization. Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China were among the first wearers of gold and silver bracelets and chains.

Chains were worn mostly for ornamentation in ancient Egypt, with semiprecious stones adorning them; the deceased wearers were buried with their gold bracelets. Meanwhile, apart from carving jade jewelry items, the ancient Chinese carved nature, animals, and mythical creatures into gold bracelets as early as 2000 BC, although gold bangles were the most common bracelet type in India.

Silver Chain Styles

When it comes to fine or fashion jewelry, silver chains come in various designs and types to fit your taste. Some of the most common silver chain designs are as follows:

Curb. Curb chains have interlocking circular ties that are close together, giving it a masculine appearance. This chain style is available in various widths, with ties that are uniform in size.

Figaro. A figaro chain has many small round links interspersed with one long oval link. This design is commonly used for men’s jewelry, but if the ties are thinner, it can also be used for women’s jewelry.

Mariner. Like the curb chain, a mariner chain resembles the chains attached to a boat’s anchor, hence the term. Furthermore, this style is typical for ID bracelets, nautical jewelry, and unisex style jewelry because it has a traditional, slightly rounded edge or is a flat connection.

Rope. Rope chains are intertwined strands that mimic a natural rope and are available in both delicate and heavier versions. They are a common option for pendant necklaces and heavier versions where the chain itself is the main attraction. The amount of weave varies, which means that the thicker the braid, the more metal is used, and hence the price rises.

Snake. As the name suggests, a snake chain stems from its snake-like texture; this type is made up of rings that fit together tightly, giving it the appearance of a flexible tube. Furthermore, since this design is typically narrow and delicate, it is well-suited to pendants.

Box. A box chain or Briolette has squared off ties, giving it a boxy appearance. It’s also famous for women’s jewelry due to its thinner build, which is often paired with pendants.

Franco. The franco chain is becoming increasingly successful. It has a four-sided shape that resembles a snake and is made up of closely connected tubular structures. This style can be worn alone if the width is wide or matched with a pendant if thin.

Wheat Chains. Wheat chains are made up of long, thin teardrop-shaped ties that all point in the same direction. Since a tiny hinge joins each connection, this design is less fluid and liquid-like than others.

Value of Gold Bracelets

An X-ray Spectrometer is used to determine the purity of the silver content in a silver chain. Its value or price will be determined using the silver commodity market price or spot price after it has been analyzed. To learn more, please click on here.

Best Buyer of Silver Chain

Nevada Coin Mart takes pride in being the LARGEST silver chain buyer in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the surrounding region. If you want to sell your used silver chains for cash, we are the place to go for a quick and fair market evaluation and cash on the spot.

We use an x-ray spectrometer, a modern piece of gemology technology, to measure objects in a non-destructive manner. Scratch tests performed by other stores and pawnshops will permanently harm the condition and desirability of your silver chain and other valuables. If you have one at home, sell it right now to Nevada Coin Mart for fast cash. This money can be used to increase your investment portfolio or to add to your silver collection by purchasing another silver piece.

We are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the year. Visit us at Nevada Coin Mart®, 4065 S. Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103, or call us at 702-998-4000 for more details. You have found the best store with the best customer service for a successful transaction of your silver chains!